Festive Vegan 4th of July Recipes

Festive Vegan 4th of July Recipes

Below you’ll find a variety of festive vegan 4th of July recipes. These recipes are fit for a long-weekend celebration. From appetizers to desserts, pick your favorites from each course and mix ‘n’ match to your heart’s content!


Rainbow Summer Rolls with Chile-Garlic Tofu

These vegan rainbow summer rolls with Chile-Garlic Tofu are bursting with flavor, texture, and color. Spicy chile-garlic tofu, glass noodles, and oodles of rainbow hued fruits, veggies, and other goodies are tucked into soft rice paper wrappers. Think crisp purple cabbage, juicy mango, crunchy red bell pepper, zesty scallions, vibrant carrots, cooling cucumber, fresh herbs, and nutty black sesame seeds (if you please). Best yet? They’re served alongside a sweet chile-garlic sauce for the ultimate dip-‘n’-crunch experience.

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